Primer & Clear Sealer - 8 oz [PP6]

Primer & Clear Sealer - 8 oz [PP6]


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Sophisticated Finishes: A 8 oz bottle for use as a primer for our Metallic Surfacers. Also seals and protects our Metallic Surfacers and Antiquing Solutions from both weather and contact. Dries to a clear durable finish.

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  • Iron Metallic Surfacer - 1 Gallon [II9]

    Sophisticated Finishes: A 1 Gallon pail of finely ground iron particles that create a textured gray surface. Oxidizes to a true rust finish with an application of Rust Antiquing Solution.
  • Black Tint Antiquing Solution - 16oz [PBK1]

    Sophisticated Finishes: A 16oz bottle of Black tinting solution for achieving highlights and multi-color effects on surfaces treated with our Metallic Surfacers & Antiquing Solutions.
  • Radiant Yellow [D277]

    A high intensity blend of pure yellow pigment and white, excellent for use as a glaze or to portray optical effects of light and shade.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Napthol Red [D255]

    A yellow, clean shade red with acceptable lightfastness in both full and tint shades. An exceptionally vibrant color when used alone.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Sap Green [D275]

    For thousands of years green pigments were virtually unavailable, few minerals are green in color and those derived from plants produced only dull, fugitive greens. Such was the case with the original Sap Green - traditionally made from Buckthorn Berries it was a highly unpredictable color ranging from green to yellow. Classic Artist Oils gives you a lightfast blend that replaces the inferior pigment with a green than can be easily warmed or cooled when mixed to your liking.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Burnt Umber [D223]

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    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Raw Umber [D222]

    A deep, rich brown ? it shades with complex undertones and defines itself by the Latin origin of its name ?Ombra? meaning shadow.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Copper Metallic Surfacer - 4oz [CT4]

    Sophisticated Finishes: A 4oz bottle of pure ground copper in liquid. Create the look of genuine copper or treat with an Antiquing Solution to oxidize into a beautiful green or blue verdigris finish.
  • Pewter Metallic Surfacer - 32oz [PS32] THIS SIZE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    Sophisticated Finishes: A 32 oz bottle of metal particles in liquid that produces the warm gray look of pewter on any paintable surface.

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