Primer & Clear Sealer - 4oz [PP4]

Primer & Clear Sealer - 4oz [PP4]


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Sophisticated Finishes: A 4oz bottle for use as a primer for our Metallic Surfacers. Also seals and protects our Metallic Surfacers and Antiquing Solutions from both weather and contact. Dries to a clear durable finish.

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    Sophisticated Finishes: A 1 Gallon pail of lightly gold-colored liquid metal. Use alone as a high quality metallic coating or treat with an Antiquing Solution to oxidize into a beautiful green or blue verdigris finish.
  • Patina Blue Antiquing Solution - 16oz [PBL1]

    Sophisticated Finishes - A 16oz bottle of oxidizing solution to create a vertigris patina on most paintable objects. Specially formulated to work with our Metallic Surfacers, but can be applied directly on unfinished copper, brass, or bronze.
  • Hansa Yellow Orange [D226]

    A valuable yellow-orange with particularly high tinting strength and good transparency. Also known as Indian Yellow in many artists? circles, this color is completely lightfast and does not carry the negative connotations often associated with its inferiorly manufactured counterparts on the market.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Manganese Blue [D288]

    Although production of genuine Manganese has ceased as stores of this natural pigment have been exhausted worldwide- CAO would like to offer an excellent replacement for this cold, brilliant blue ? its synthetic version is actually cleaner and has better lightfast properties.
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  • Platinum Metallic Surfacer - 32oz [PL32] THIS COLOR HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED

    Sophisticated Finishes: A 32oz bottle of vibrant liquid of finely ground metal particles that creates the warm look of platinum. Apply an Antiquing Solution to create a green or blue verdigris finish.
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