Cadmium Red Dark [D249]

Cadmium Red Dark [D249]


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Color Index Name & Number: PR108-77202 Cadmium Sulfoselenide
Vehicle: Alkali refined linseed oil
ASTM Rated Lightfastness I, OPAQUE

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  • Naples Yellow [D283]

    Originally a lead based pigment, this pale yellow is a combination of cadmium and titanium pigments specially blended to produce a neutral, earthy hue. CAO Naples Yellow is a close color-match to that which has graced artist?s palettes for centuries, but without the harmful ingredients.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium [D202]

    A clean, bright medium yellow ? reliable and handles well as is characteristic of all the cadmiums. Leaning more towards orange it produces muted, yet desirable greens in comparison to the Hansa or Cad Yellow Light; dries slowly to a strong film.
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  • Cadmium Orange [D204]

    An intensely bright yet opaque pigment, its versatility allows for efficient coverage while at the same time reasonably clear layers can be achieved if applied thinly. Although oranges are traditionally mixed on the palette, CAO presents you with a balanced, brighter orange of convenience straight from the tube.
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  • Cobalt Blue [D236]

    A deep, very transparent blue, its vibrant green-blue hue must be handled with care or it will quickly dominate other colors. An essential seascape color, its transparency will give clear, vibrant blue greens when combined with either viridian or phthalo green.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed information
  • Permanent Green [D212]

    A light, warm spring green, this blend of Phthalo Green and Azo Yellow gives the artist a clean, bright green straight from the tube. Compared to the ever popular late Emerald Green pigment which was known to darken substantially and boasts of a completely disastrous history due to its popular use throughout the early 19th century.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Yellow Ochre [D224]

    A synthetic pigment is used given that there is only one remaining quarry extracting ocher by mining in southern France, where the very best natural sources are said to be located. The earth tone of the synthetic version has proven to be brighter, clearer and several times stronger than natural ocher with outstanding lightfastness. It is also more transparent due to the absence of clay.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Raw Sienna [D220]

    CAO uses only the finest sienna earths - this goldenrod pigment is similar to that of a dark ochre but with much more delicate handling qualities. Once the defining colors of the Renaissance, Sienna?s are valued in all techniques for their brilliant, fiery undertones.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Payne's Grey [D280]

    An artist?s favorite, this subtle blue-black is a delicate mixture of Ivory Black, Ultramaine Blue and Yellow Ochre to give you a beautiful cool black.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information
  • Titanium White [D272]

    Of all the whites on the market today, Classic Artist Oil?s is proud to offer a Titanium White of the absolute highest quality and conveniently offered in sizes up to a gallon. The most versatile white available it combines the excellent mixing power of your average titanium white into a creamy, workable texture that will flow easily while retaining its awesome covering power. D272 is noticeably different than the somewhat ?chalky? texture found with even the most reputable brands.
    *Click on color swatch for detailed pigment information

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